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Welcome to Galeria Online

After one year of planning, designing and programming, we are glad to finally welcome you at this site.

Whether as an Artist or as an Art Enthusiast you will hopefully enjoy browsing through this Webside. We at Galeria-Online will surely do our best to make it for you as interesting, informative and exiting as possible. Due to the fact that we are only recently online, we cannot offer jet much choice but with Guan Wei Jun we have an outstanding and versatile artist to start with and are also quite confident that many artists will follow and join the side.

What do we offer? For artists we provide an affordable platform to exhibit their artworks, without any commitment towards Galeria Online, while for art lovers we want to present a wide range and a large variety of artworks to look at resp. to choose from. If an artist does not have his pictures or Artist Info ...etc. in digitised form, Galeria Online offers, for an additional charge, a scanning and typing service.

A further goal of Galeria Online is not only to display but also to sell the artworks. Therefore our activities are not limited to the Internet, but we are searching potential customers also through conventional ways, e.g. with poster campaigns in diverse cities, Art Events, partnerships with selected sales points...

So donít hesitate to register if you want either to display your artwork on the webside or to get informed about the latest updates.

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