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Copyright of any picture displayed on this webside (www.Galeria-Online.com) is owned by the respective artist. Unauthorised copying of pictures or any part of this webside prohibited.

Galeria-Online cannot guarantee, due to colour distortion induced by the scanner or/and film, 100% accuracy between the original and the picture displayed on the webside.

Galeria-Online works only as agent between the artist and the buyer and therefore cannot guarantee the availability of the pictures displayed on the webside. The artist is in possession of his artworks.

Information about an artist on the webside are provided by the artist himself. Galeria-Online provides them without guarantee of correctness.

Annual fee for an artist:

10 Euro, which are refunded when selling the first picture within the year

The fee includes the programming required to display and insert the pictures and Artist Information (Curriculum vitae, past and present exhibitions, ...etc.) onto the Webside. The Data (pictures, Artist Info, ...etc.) has to be provided in digitised form.

Commission table:

up to     250 Euro     15%
up to     500 Euro     10%
up to    1000 Euro      8%
up to    2000 Euro      6%
from     2001 Euro      4%
For an additional charge, Galeria-Online offers a scanning and typing service:
Scanning and formatting             3 EURO pro picture
Typing                             10 EURO pro Din A4 page 

Shipping and handling cost are payable by the buyer.

Ordering: Galeria-Online will procure the artwork and forward it to the buyer. Galeria-Online can therefore ask a down payment.

Payment method: on credit or advance payment (both money transfer onto Bank).

The buyer can return the artwork within 14 day, unless the artwork has been damaged or it has been bought over a Partner Sales location.

The artwork remains the property of the artist until total payment.

The artist can withdraw, without giving any reason, his artworks at any time. The annual fee is in that case not refundable.

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